Status Explanation (Speed, Acceralation...)

This page shows each status meanings。The reference value is 3.
If you have difficulty to understand the following description, you can feel it and look specifically for a particular performance value.

This shows the rate of maximum speed. This value is higher, the maximum speed is higher.
This shows good acceleration. The higher the value, the shorter the time until the maximum speed from the time when it is stopped or slowed down (for example, you started or went off the course).
The weight of the cart. Higher values indicate that heavy. If the weight is heavy, the kart is hard to blow up when the machines are contacted.
Ease of steering. Higher values are better steering response. Also high value becomes harder to slowing handle operations in the corner.
Off-road performance. The higher the value, it becomes difficult to grip, such as degraded marshes and sand on the ice. In addition, slow down is less when outside of the main course.

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